Sunday, October 25, 2015

Football Flash Freebie

I'm honored to have been selected this week for a coveted spot in Erin Cobb's (Lovin' Lit) Football Sunday giveaway! Here's where you can see the info: I'm Lovin' Lit.

Each week during the football season, Erin runs a "flash freebie" to celebrate a win by her adored New Orleans Saints.  She selects resources from the Teachers Pay Teachers website that are normally priced products. For one hour after a New Orleans Saints victory, the selected product becomes FREE.  So keep your eyes on the Saints game and  Erin's blog today for a chance to win my Make Inferences in Science - The Elements

It's super easy to implement because it's ready to print and comes with the answer keys.  It includes four short articles:  The Radium Girls, The Bombing of Hamburg, Start Appreciating Your Pencil (graphite), and The Hindenburg.

Each short article is accompanied by 4-5 inference questions.  Your students can finish the assignment during your bell work time.  It's a great way to address ELA reading standards (which many of us science teachers are required to do) without sacrificing instructional time from your regularly planned lesson.

It's kind of hard sometimes to find articles that are on a reading level that works for secondary students and also match the topic you are currently teaching.  And then you have to write your own questions for it.  This resource takes care of all that work for you.  You just print the article you want, with its questions, and you have a bell-work assignment that addresses both science and reading.

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